Discount Code

If you are planning to visit our factory showroom please ensure you make note of the INTERNET DISCOUNT CODE below.

The code allows you to purchase any product on the website through the showroom but at the website discounted price.

For products in the showroom but not on the website the code allows you to receive 10% off

This code is required for you to receive these internet website prices when buying in the showroom.

You must state this discount code when you enter the factory showroom and prior to making your purchase.


Centredart Building, Shaw Street, Bolton, BL3 6HU. (Opposite Mcdonalds Car Park).


Discount Code : -  TFP 291050




Discount Code Terms;

* You will only be able to receive the internet prices in the showroom with this Discount Code.

* The Discount code allows you to purchase the products on this website through the showroom at the internet discounted prices.

*The Discount Code also allows you to receive 10% perecent off goods in the showroom that are not on the website.

*The Discount Code must be presented prior to ordering, written on your sales paperwork and cannot be added after you have completed your purchase.

*The Discount Code does not apply to any installation or delivery charges.

*The Discount Code cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer, package or promotion either on the website or in the showroom.

*Exclusions apply to the discount code offer - please ask for details.

*The Discount Code promotion may be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.

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