Q. Why do your fireplaces cost less than on other websites?

A. We buy the raw materials straight from the quarry and manufacture the fireplace ourselves cutting out all the costs of the 'midddle men' that our competitors have to pass on to you.

Q. I live in the North West is delivery free?

A. Yes, delivery is free to anywere in the northwest and other locations as indicated in the Delivery Section.

Q. Your gas fires seem a lot less than other websites and shops are there any hidden charges?

A. No, the price you see is the price you pay, We only sell inset gas fires from reputable suppliers who we have large buying power from so this allows us to keep the price of the gas fire very low which is why they are a lot less than our competitors.

Q. I really like a fireplace but not sure about the material finish and colour, can you send out Samples?

A. Yes. Just click on the Sample Section and select which you require. If you collect the samples they are free, there is a small postage charge to send them to you but  if you make a make a purchase and return the samples to us when we deliver your order then we refund your postage charge.

Q. I want my firerplace a specific size can you make it for me?

A. Yes our fireplaces are made to order for you and can be manfactured to your exact requirements (design permitting) just email all call us with your specific requirements.

Q. Do I have to have Installation?

A. No, our installation is optional.

Q. Are the prices the same in your factory showroom as on your website?

A. Yes, all you have to do is quote the Discount Code to a member of our team upon your visit to our factory.

Q. I live in Oldham and would like to buy a fireplace can you install it?

A.  Yes, our installation service covers Oldham and all of the North West plus the other areas listed in the Installation Section.  

Q. I am only looking to purchase a fireplace do I have to buy a fire as well?

A.  No, you can buy a fireplace on its own without a fire. Please speak to us before you purchase a fire elsewhere as it will be highly unlikely that its cheaper than one of our fires.

Q. I want to buy a fire on its own from you without a fireplace, can I?

A. Yes, unless it says in the listing that the specific fire cannot be purchased unless you are buying a fireplace also. 

Q. Can you send me brochures on your products?

A. Unfortunately due to the vast range of products we offer and the large number of enquiries we receive daily it is not practical for us to send you brochures.
Q. I don't like entering my credit card details directly on the internet. How can I pay for the product I want?
A. The easiest way is to just call us and we will take your order over the phone for you or you could send a cheque to the postal address, although we will need to wait until the cheque has cleared until we can send the goods, so this can take several days. Alternatively you can visit our factory showroom.
Q. Do you have a secure server?
A. Yes, our payment system is 100% secure and all payments made are directly paid to our provider and we have no access to your credit card details. (View our Privacy Policy)
Q. What is an issue number?
A. Your issue number is on the front of your debit card, you will be asked to insert this when proceeding with your order on our secure payment system.
Q. What is my security pin code?
A. Your security code is the last 3 digits on the reverse of your credit/debit card on the signature strip, which is unique to you.
Q. What happens if my order is declined when I enter my details?
A. One of the most common reasons may be that your billing address does not match your details held with your credit/debit card company. Please check that your billing address is the same as the one shown on your statements. If you are still experiencing problems you can either speak to your card company or email us.
Q. Do you sell second grade products?
A. No. We do not sell seconds or graded stocks, all our products are brand new, first grade, and come from reliable manufacturers.
Q. What if I know what product I want but it isn’t listed on your site?
A. Contact us by phone or email us and we will probably be able to supply it.
Q. Can I have my order delivered to another address other than my home?
A. No. For security reasons we will only ship to the card registered address.
Q. What time of the day will my delivery be made?
A. The delivery can arrive with you anytime between 8:30 and 18:00 hrs.
Q. Can I request a weekend delivery?
A. Yes, we can arrange a Saturday and Sunday delivery on certain items at an additional charge. Please email or call us if you require this facility
Q. Can I request an Evening Delivery?
A. Yes, we can arrange evening deliveries Monday to Thursdays on certain items at an additional charge. Please email or call us if you require this facility
Q. Can I delay the delivery until I require the goods, if I ordered today?
A. Yes, just order your goods as normal and then e-mail us at info@totalfireplaces.co.uk requesting when you would like your goods to be delivered.
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